Internet has become one of the most important communication channels in the last decade. To have own website is for business, but also for non-profit organizations an absolute necessity, personal websites have become quite common. For this reason, the Internet fills with more information, which are evaluated by search engines based on their relevance for that keyword. Search results are then ranked by relevance of individual websites. It is reported that current search engine visit rate comprises up to 70% of all visits to all websites.

Users of search engines go through only the first two to three pages of results, websites in other positions are visited rather rarely. With growth in the number of articles on the Internet, it is still more difficult to get the first position in search results. SEO helps through its techniques and tools to reach these top positions. This is the main reason why it is important to pay SEO sufficient attention.

SEO, as well as other internet marketing techniques, helps to raise the visibility of websites on the Internet. Compared to the use of SEM - search engine marketing – it takes an advantage of one-time spending funds in the first phase of optimization, the costs of maintenance are already more or less negligible. Unlike search engine marketing, effects of SEO are long-term and it is possible to reach leading positions for several years.

When comparing the use of SEO and banners, we encounter more positive. If the user types in the search engine a name of the product or service, we can assume that he is already interested in it and wants to get more information about it. If a visiter comes to a website from search engines, it is a relevant user and there is a relatively high probability of conversion. In contrast, the banner needs to arouse interest of the user first and even then there is a probability of conversion rather low from this source.

Before we get into the optimization, it is necessary to clarify what results we expect from it. If you seek to increase the conversion of your website, it is necessary to properly evaluate the potential growth of orders and the resulting revenues. Based on this prediction then follows the decision how much money can be spent on SEO. SEO at a small website with a low number of orders will obviously be much less than at the established eshop. If the status of current and future conversions is properly assessed and the cost of SEO are based on their level, it should be at the optimal level. In this case, the SEO is also characterized by high rates of return on investment, because, compared to other techniques of marketing, fund volume greatly exceeds the size of the investment costs.

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