To measure the effectiveness of SEO it is important to have a website connected to one of the analytical tools. The most used and probably also the most sophisticated is currently Google Analytics. Google analytics enables to monitor not only the number of visits and their structure, but also many other success criteria of SEO. A key indicator of success is the return on investment in SEO, however, it is also important to follow other criteria, which, except the effectiveness of SEO, provide information which areas to focus on in term of the maintenance phase of optimization.

Return on investment

The most important indicator of the effectiveness of SEO should always be a ratio of benefits resulting from the optimization and costs spent on optimization. This indicator is called the return on investment and is denoted by the abbreviation of ROI from the English term - Return of Investment. It is stated in percentage, ie. benefit-cost ratio is necessary to be calculated by multiplying a number by 100. When ROI is greater than 100%, it means profit, below this limit it is already loss.

Before SEO optimization it is always needed to realistically assess the expected increase in the number and value of the conversions and on this basis of this calculation to determine funds to be spent on SEO.

The position in search engines

Despite the fact, Google Analytics is an excellent analytical tool, it has to be combined with any other tool, because it cannot track the position of websites in search engines for given keywords. Tracking positions and their changes is undoubtedly very important, because it provides initial information about the success of SEO. If SEO is done correctly, the position of the website should gradually increase. The positions will not increase immediately after the completion of changes on the website, the time needed for indexing changes by search engine is usually a few weeks.

Growing positions in search engines are obviously a positive signal. It is however important to note that this indicator is not key. Much more important is whether the number of visits from search engines has increased and their conversion ratio.

Visits from search engines

To monitor the effectiveness of SEO it is important to focus on the development of visits from unpaid search engines section. If the initial part of SEO was successful, we should observe this increase in value over time. This indicator is an indirect criterion of increasing positions in search engines - the higher the position is, the higher the attendance is. At this indicator, however, it is necessary to reckon with the deviation of visits and seasonal shopping. For example, at Christmas the growth of website visits is increased due to interest in purchasing products and it is not necessarily the result of optimization. It is therefore appropriate to compare year-on-year visits of website from search engines.

Entry page and keyword

It is important to track which entry pages to the website users use more often and through which keywords. Often used entry page will be probably very well optimized for that keyword and according its example it is also possible to proceed during the optimization of other websites. The cause of the frequent accesses through the entry page can also be the popularity of the offered product. Then it is appropriate to focus on this page during maintenance phase of SEO and strive to obtain the highest position in search engines.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is measured at the entry pages and tells you how many users leave the site directly from the entry page. This indicator is very important because it helps determine the extent to which the page is optimized for the user. If the value is high, users leave the site immediately after a display of the first page and it is therefore a need to try to analyze the causes of these leavings and take necessary remedial action. The reason for the high bounce rate can be confusion or incoherence of a website, non-relevant content due to the word entered into search engines, websites are unattractive or have not properly created design.

Number and value of conversions from search engines

These are some of the most important indicators of the effectiveness of SEO. Optimization is successful, if the number and value of the conversion increase, which allows a quick return on investment in SEO. In the maintenance phase of the SEO, we should particularly focus on entry pages and keywords that generate the most conversions, or their conversion value is the highest. They are just the words where we should always strive for the highest position in search engines.

Number of indexed web pages

This number is possible to verify if we enter into a search engine this Search engine displays a list of all indexed pages for the site. If the number of these sites is low, it may be a signal of a lack of validity of the source code, poor use of text links within web pages, improperly formed URLs and duplicate content.

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