SEO can be described as a continuous process of improving and maintaining positions in search results. Already from this definition it is clear that this is not a short-term event that can be concluded at some point with the fact that optimization is done and finished. Therefore, it is very difficult to establish a specific time that SEO requires.

But it is possible to distinguish two phases of SEO, the input and maintenance. The input phase is different for the newly created website and already existing websites, maintenance phase is for both types of websites the same.

Initial phase of SEO of a new website

The initial phase of SEO of a new website is done in pursuance of the programming and building sites. Programmers should ensure the validity and purity of the code and use of the appropriate URL with SEO point of view, so-called basic SEO optimization. When creating content it is needed to follow the general principles of SEO, so pay attention to the number of occurrences of keywords, using headings, bullets, etc. It is also advisable to start with linkbuilding, then building backlinks. It is recommended to register website at least to the main directories and directories pertaining to that field.

In the initial phase of the SEO it is needed to figure on indexing website by search engine robots. It can take months before a search engine finds it through a link from other websites. Therefore it is necessary to draw search engine´s attention to the emergence of new websites by the entering URL address into services designed specifically for this purpose. After that, search engine regularly visits a website and writes all changes.

However, indexing website is not convenient soon after its emergence, since they usually still contain almost no text. Search engine could consider a website to an unattractive and it would be necessary to wait for a repeated visit recording changes for a long time. For this reason, it is better to proceed with this step after placing at least some content to enable search engine to include a web in the search results.

Length of the input phase is directly proportional to the length of the construction site. At a new website it is needed to figure on duration of at least 1 month, with a large-scale websites, however, it will probably take longer.

The input phase of the SEO of an established website

The input phase of SEO of an already existing website proceeds somewhat differently. At first SEO analysis is done, which aims to identify problem areas of a website in terms of an optimization. It can be a non-validity of source code, poorly written texts, improperly selected URL addresses, or incorrectly filled metatags etc. The following phase is such, when it is needed to remedy those deficiencies. If the shortcomings are more serious and there are many of them, SEO is obviously more time-consuming. It depends on the size of the web as well.

Optimization performed on website is not displayed immediately in the search results. Search engine visits web at regular intervals and indexes all changes. On the basis of observed changes then assembles the order of search results. In the nineties, search results were updated almost from day to day. Since then, however, the search engine algorithms have changed considerably and projection of an optimization can now be expected within several weeks.

Interval of search engine robot visits is different for each site. Generally, the more often the content is updated, the more search engine visits the site. Thus, if in the content of the established site were no modifications before SEO optimization, it is needed to reckon with the fact that search engine probably visits web in a few weeks. Once that happens, the search engine indexes the changes and re-evaluate the relevance of the site for these keywords. Based on the relevance it subsequently moves a web in search results.

The input phase of the SEO of an established website will probably take at least 1-2 months, in case of serious deficiencies or large website (eg eshop) is needed to reckon with even longer time.

Maintenance phase of the SEO

After the initial phase of the SEO comes phase of monitoring and position maintenaning. The maintenance phase is much less time-consuming, but it takes place continuously and it requires monthly at least a few hours (depending on size of website, number of key words, etc.). In this phase the position monitoring is carried out in search results, attendance and its structure, the number of conversions, the value of orders etc.

In the case of a long-term slump of a website in one of the indicators, it is necessary at first to analyze the causes and then proceed to correct them. The reason for this decline can be both improvement of competitor´s SEO and change of a search engine algorithm.

How long SEO lasts

Clients of SEO agencies often ask how long optimization lasts. If there is during maintenance phase paid sufficient attention to all monitored indicators and in case of long-term declines it is proceeded to remedy shortcomings, in the longer term it should not be a problem to reach top positions in search results. If the phase of maintenance and monitoring is ignored, made SEO optimization is likely to have more short-term effect and during a change of the competitor´s optimization level or change of the algorithms of search engines there is a probability of a big drop in the results.

Forbidden SEO techniques

In this article we have not mentioned yet the length of SEO using forbidden techniques, known as black hat SEO and the length of their effects. These are techniques that search engines are trying to identify and they are doing well in the long term. In the short term, however, these techniques still have effect, and quite significantly help strengthen its position in search results. But once search engines reveal the use of these prohibited techniques, a steep drop down follows. It is therefore necessary to clarify before using these techniques

whether we are concerned about short-term or long-term effect.

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