How long does it take search engines to index your website?

Search engines from its principle work with data that must first be obtained.

The procedure is such that the indexing part of the search engine passes through websites that already knows. Once it sees a link to a new website, the site enters the download queue. In this queue a new site can wait some time, maybe even a few days.

Once the search engine downloads a new web, it processes and indexes the web as already found.

New websites are usually in very low position. If you want your new website to rank high in the search engines, it takes time and patience.

To find your website faster, you can mainly help by adding links into your website to web directories. However, we recommend register website with a limited amount of quality directories and not to hundreds or thousands of the inferior ones.

The exact answer to this question does not exist. Time needed for traceability of the site via a search engine can be from 1 day to several weeks.

How to find out how many pages from my website search engine knows / indexes

To find out, how many pages a search engine (Google) knows / indexes, is quite easy.

Just write in the search box

Where you insert address of your site instead of “”, domain without the HTTP is enough.

If you would like to know the number of pages of a specific way, just finish the way, see


How to find out who is linking to me

The best way how to find out who is linking to your website is by Google.

Just write in the search box


Where you insert address of your site instead of “”, domain without the HTTP is enough.

You get the approximate number of pages of links to your website.

Google webmaster tools

An advanced method is to register for and authorize there your own website.

Another comprehensive guide will be deal with Google webmaster tools.

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