Costs of SEO can vary depending on many criteria. In particular, the following factors are:

  • whether we should optimize the emerging website or website already established and functioning,
  • whether the SEO will be lead by professional or amateur,
  • what is the number of competitors (the number of search results) for the area and what is the level of their SEO.

Initial SEO analysis should inform about the gross costs of the SEO. SEO analysis determines the initial and desired state, identifies the area of ​​keywords for which the website should be optimized and its competition and describes the steps necessary for SEO optimization. Based on this information it is possible to generally determine the amount that will be needed to achieve the desired state.

But beware, these costs of SEO are not final. SEO is not just a one-time action that could be terminated at some point and its results would remain fixed. Search engines algorithms are constantly evolving and thus changing the order of displayed results. The second reason is that competition does not sleep and also makes SEO of its website.

SEO is a continuous process of maintaining a website on top positions. The costs of SEO can generally be divided into the initial SEO analysis and maintenance costs. Maintenance costs are obviously much lower than the initial costs, yet they are needed to be spent mainly on monitoring of the development, positions, conversions and other important indicators of successful websites.

The costs of SEO of a new website

When creating a new website, costs to its building and costs of an optimization coincide, to a certain extent. Presently, most high-quality programmers have awareness about SEO and therefore during the programming of a website they make basic SEO optimization. That is achieved for example by clarity and validity of the source code or using SEO friendly URLs.

A part of SEO is also the creation of attractive texts for users and search engines. Here it is appropriate to prepare an analysis of keywords that determine to which words website should be optimized. Based on this analysis it is possible to proceed to creation of texts. However, you can handle analysis of key words and texts by yourself. If the keyword analysis and articles are created by professional, the costs are obviously higher, but the quality of the work is also on a higher level.

When creating the website it is also needed to incur some costs to build backlinks. Website should be registered at least in the major directories.

The costs of SEO of an established websites

SEO of already established websites means higher costs than at a new website. You must first prepare a detailed analysis that describes the shortcomings of the web in terms of SEO. Then you need to rectify these shortcomings. You could often avoid these costs if basic SEO has been done already during the building a website, this is especially true at the source code of websites.

At incorrectly written texts we can build on the existing content that can be modified into a form suitable in terms of SEO. More keywords are added to the articles, they are properly structured, filled by the headlines, bullets, bold highlighted text. The costs of these arrangements are of course lower than if the texts were written again.

If sufficient number of backlinks does not lead to the website, it will be needed to insert the funds into linkbuilding as well. These costs are the same as at the newly emerging website.

Self-help SEO

If the owner has enough time, it is possible to perform the optimization by himself, whereby the costs of SEO can often be reduced. This of course means certain risks. First of all, layman needs much more time than a SEO expert, because he will have to find out at least basic information about SEO. But he still never gets enough experience to make SEO on the same level as the professional.

There is also a risk that the layman does not recognize properly permitted and banned SEO techniques and because of using illegal practices his website will be penalized. Penalization can be slump of a website to the end of search results or search engine may stop displayed it. To get website back to the original position is very time-consuming and seemingly saved costs can greatly increase.

SEO from a professional

On a Czech Internet there is a number of agencies dealing with SEO of their clients websites. As in other fields, the prices for services may significantly vary. Currently, the range is between 400 - 2500 CZK per hour depending on the type of work.

Many agencies offer some services free of charge - in particular it is the initial SEO analysis of websites. This offer is certainly appealing, but it is necessary to first clarify the conditions for further cooperation, whether it is necessary to optimize a website from the agency and what are the hourly rates for provided services.

Agencies also offer to pay for SEO optimization, depending on its results. The success can be evaluated for example based on a certain position in search results, increasing the number of visitors and conversions on the web. The price for achieving results is usually determined in advance based on individual requirements results. Even in this case it is necessary to clearly define the terms of cooperation.

Field competition

Whether SEO is made by an amateur or professional, at a new or established website, field competition, for which optimization is performed, is very important. Optimization is of course much easier in the field with fewer search results and lower level of SEO competitors. Costs of an optimization for example in the field of medical instruments ( found 197 000 results) will be much lower than for example in the field of sports equipment (nearly 2 million results).

A role also plays, if the optimization is performed on general keywords or specific keywords. In this case it is said that the more specific your keyword is, the lower costs of SEO are.

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