SEO - Search engine optimization

SEO abbreviation comes from the English term - Search Engine Optimization, which means in Czech translation - optimalizace pro vyhledávače. SEO is a constantly evolving field of marketing whose aim is strengthening the position of websites in search engines for specified keyword. That is simple, isn´t it?

In no case the explanation of search engine optimization can be summarized in one sentence, because it is a complicated and long-term process of continuous improvement of websites and monitoring of the effectiveness of these changes. To properly understand what SEO actually deals with, you need to look at this field in a broader context.

Saturation of the Internet

Currently, the Internet plays in people´s lives one of the key tasks. Both in our personal and professional lives, we are more often turning to Internet search engines, because they often represent the most accessible sources of relevant information. Today we would probably not find any questions, for example on Google, which we are not able to find at least one search result to. Information on the Internet has simply covered all areas of human life.

This, at first sight a positive fact, however, has also its downside. With an increasing number of articles on the Internet, there is also increasing number of search results. If the results are displayed randomly, their information value would be very low, and that is basically what happened in the first phase of development of full-text search in the nineties. At that time, an elegant solution had appeared - sorting the results according to their relevance for particular search word or phrase. The relevance of websites is determined by each search engine itself by using algorithms evaluating both the page itself (so-called on-page factors) and other factors outside it which indirectly affect it (off-page factors).

For a better view on ​​the amount of information on the Internet, look at the following example. Enter a keyword to the search engine – exercise bike. Google finds 283 000 links and Czech leader, called Seznam, even nearly 637 000 results.

637 000 results! However, the user usually looks up the first 2 to 3 pages, which means only 20 to 30 search results! Competitive struggle of the companies have slowly shifted from the classical communication channels, such as television or magazines, to the internet environment where everyone strives for the highest position. Today there is not enough to have websites, they must be especially visible.

For owners of websites the key question arises: How to place on top of these positions? There is a simple answer to this question: By using the SEO optimization.

SEO as a solution

As we mentioned at the beginning, just SEO helps to achieve top positions in search results due to the maximum adjustment of website to search engine algorithms. The effects of SEO optimization have long-term character and except for the initial investment, it subsequently requires only the maintaining costs and updating of website content in accordance with the principles of SEO. This is a principal difference from the paid search advertising, which is necessary to constantly supply with the funds and when they become exhausted, there is nothing left on the Internet.

SEO optimization tools

SEO optimization uses several tools to achieve the highest positions. One of them is copywriting that is designed to create attractive texts for both website visitors and search engine indexing robots. The texts are based on the analysis of keywords of which task is in the first phase of SEO optimization to determine through which keywords visitors most frequently enter the site, so they are the most relevant for the web.

Other SEO tools are linkbuilding and linkbaiting, which are the ways of creating and getting backlinks leading to websites. Search engine optimization is also working with the source code of the website, in this case, the task of SEO is to ensure that the code is in accordance with all rules of creating websites and that is also easily readable for search engines.

If the already existing websites have to be optimized, another tool is used and this is called SEO analysis. It gives an answer to a question which SEO principles are broken on the website and what is needed to improve positions in search engines.

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